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Neighborhood House - Our Values

Neighborhood House - 2015 Fundraising Video


Playground Project—Building Hope on the South Side

At Neighborhood House, we believe:

  • That all lives are enriched by participation in a compassionate and supportive community
  • That the enduring strength of our Neighborhood Community relies on cultivating a spirit of neighborliness and mutual respect among diverse populations
  • That Neighborhood House should work to bring groups and individuals together as an inclusive community
  • That families require lifelines of support and benefit from community services and programs responsive to their needs
  • That children and their families from all socioeconomic backgrounds should have equal access to quality early childhood programs
  • That children and teens should have a safe environment for their development in order to foster positive social interactions
  • That seniors, including the homebound elderly, need and deserve to be valued as individuals who are important to the fabric of community life
  • That an effective settlement house must continually evolve and adapt to the ever changing needs of its community