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Neighborhood House - Our History

Becky RossmanLetter from Becky Rossman, President/CEO

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Two years ago, I left a career I absolutely loved, to become the CEO of Neighborhood House. It was not a difficult decision as I was immediately drawn to the diverse services Neighborhood House offered. The easiest way to describe the 30+ programs in one sentence, although probably not politically correct, is that we serve cradle to grave and pets. Staff, volunteers, and donors will attest that regardless of your interests, there is a program at Neighborhood House you can get passionate about. Passion for our mission is what has created the longstanding relationships with community businesses and members, as well as attracting new partners who support what we do.

In the past two years, there have been many changes that Neighborhood House has undergone. Just like any business, for profit and not for profit, you have to adapt your services around the needs of the consumers to be both relevant and to create long term sustainability. Hunger is a prevalent problem, especially on the south side of Peoria, so we created new programs to combat the issue. Some programs were eliminated because they were no longer fulfilling a need or they were not cost efficient. Although our business is helping people, you have to run it like a business to have the resources to continue helping people.

Looking ahead, I foresee some exciting opportunities for Neighborhood House. This summer, the Board of Directors and I will create and implement a long overdue strategic plan. Both short and long term goals will be influenced by revisiting and potentially recreating our mission statement, the financial forecast of funding streams, and identifying the needs of the communities we serve through numerous community assessments.

As we embark on the 120th anniversary in 2016, we will share nostalgic pictures and stories that highlight Neighborhood House’s history and the role Neighborhood House played in shaping the culture of Peoria. As we proceed into the next 120 years, Neighborhood House will start with rebranding. Neighborhood House has provided some services for over 100 years and the need continues to grow, demonstrating that the current programs are only a temporary fix. Neighborhood House will create programs that will once again impact that culture of Peoria, by providing long term solutions.


Neighborhood House - Live on Peoria Life

Hear our President/CEO Becky Rossman live on Peoria Life discussing what makes Neighborhood House a unique and essential part of life in Peoria for many.

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Neighborhood House - Annual Report 2016

Annual Report


Click on the image to read or download a copy of the 2016 Neighborhood House Annual Report.










Neighborhood House - Our Mission

The mission of Neighborhood House is to alleviate poverty at its root, through an array of programs that provide critical short-term relief to diverse communities, while facilitating long term recovery.

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